The Twin Beach Opioid Awareness Committee is a joint committee of the Towns of Chesapeake Beach and North Beach committed to raising awareness of opioid drug addiction in our neighboring Southern Maryland communities. Our organization facilitates educational forums, Naloxone trainings and awareness of existing assistance programs, all while ensuring community access to prevention information and the appropriate resources for those in need.




TBOAA works to deliver important and up to date info for any Chesapeake Beach/North Beach Resident in need of and/or looking for services available to them in Calvert County. We want to ensure that residents have access to information to help them cope, recover and learn from all aspects of Opioid Abuse.


TBOAA works to build a strong community within Chesapeake Beach and North Beach to strengthen the chances of our residents and families overcoming the Opioid Abuse epidemic. A stronger community helps our citizens become more aware, abstain and/or recover.


TBOAA works to provide opportunities for Chesapeake Beach and North Beach residents to get involved with helping our communities through the Opioid Abuse epidemic. Our work with Grassroots organizations as well as Neighborhood Watch programs and the Health Department offers many opportunities for those interested to be a part of the solution. 

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